Mẹ đã sinh ra con như thế nào?

Mẹ đã sinh ra con như thế nào?
Bài này được copy từ blog của chị Liên ròm. Cám ơn chị Liên nhiều lắm vì em đã có thêm 1 nguồn tài liệu để dạy con sau này. Post lên để mọi người cùng tham khảo.

Willy was a little sperm

He lived inside Mr. Browne… He lived with 300 million other sperm and they all lived in Mr Browne at the same address.

At school Willy wasn't very good at sums.

But he was very good at swimming. So was Butch.

but so did all the other 300 million sperm… and so did Butch.

Soon it would be time for the Great Swimming Race. Willy practised every day. But there was only one prize – a beautiful egg. The egg was inside Mrs Browne….

"If there are 300 million sperm in the race, how many will you have to beat to win the egg?" the teacher asked. "Ten" said Willy. He wasn't very good at sums, but he was VERY good at swimming.

At last the day of Great Swimming Race arrived. The teacher gave them all a pair of goggles.

And a number. And two maps

The first map showed inside Mr Browne

The second map showed inside Mrs Browne

That very night Mr Browne and Mrs Browne joined together. The teacher cried, "Go"" and the Great Swimming Race began.

Willy swam and swam with all his strength. But so did Butch. Willly swam as if his life depended on it. Yes so did Butch. Butch was catching up. How much further did Willy have to go? He didn't know. He wasn't very good at sums… but he was the BEST at swimming! HURRAH!

The egg was lovely and soft. Willy burrowed all the way in …. until he disappeared.

Then something strange happened. Something wonderful. Something magical. Something inside began to grow. It grew and it grew until it grew bigger than the egg. Then it grew some more until it grew bigger than Mrs Browne's tummy.

So Mr Browne's tummy grew bigger instead. It grew and grew and it grew until…

the baby was born. It was a little girl. They called her Edna.

But where had little Willy gone? Who knows?

But when Edna grew into a little girl and went to school … she found she wasn't very good at sums…

…but she was VERY good at swimming



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